Sav Sparkling

No 33692

A characteristic taste with elements of birch sap, yeast, apples and citrus. Served chilled at 8-10°C.

Alcohol content: 12,0% vol

Color: Clear, light-yellow color.

Scent: Herbaceous scent with an appealing note of birch sap, with elements of grape fruit, bread, apples and citrus.

Flavor: Characteristic taste of citrus, sourdough bread and nuts, with hints of pure birch sap, fresh honeydew melon, pear and mineral.

Perfectly paired with: A fantastic combination with food such as sushi, smoked fish, oysters, artic roe, suovas, goose liver, cheese and dark chocolate.

Serving temperature: 8-10°C

Sav BirchThe northern way to make wine

A vitamin rich sap

Birch sap has been harvested since ancient times in our arctic areas and used as an important nutritional supplement during early spring when the lack of vitamin-rich products was severe in this region. The birch soaks crystal clear water from Storsjön's mineral rich soil when the frozen ground melts in the spring. The tree transforms the water into sap, which can be harvested, and enjoyed as a beverage.

DSC06462 utan kvist

Scandinavian bubbles

Sav™ Sparkling is an exclusive birch wine that exudes simplicity, perfection and last but not least - our Scandinavian soul. It’s made entirely according to the “méthode traditionnelle” and lies for eight years on its lees before being released to the market.