Sav Glöd

No 34128

Birch sap wine blended with natural flavors and spices like ginger, citrus, angelica, sugar and Sav™ Snaps. Enjoy warm in front of the fireplace or cold as an aperitif before dinner.

Alcohol content: 14%

Color: Clear, slightly amber.

Scent: Candied lemon, almond, honey, hints of spice, cardamom and nutmeg with a rose petals.

Flavor: Sweet citrus, slightly spicy with a nice balance between sweetness and acidity.

Perfectly paired with: Enjoyed with friends or served with a fluffy chocolate mousse or a lovely berry panna cotta.

Serving temperature: Serve smoking hot (ca. 126-129°F) or ice cold.

Sav BirchThe northern way to make Glöd

A vitamin rich sap

Birch sap has been harvested since ancient times in our arctic areas and used as an important nutritional supplement during early spring when the lack of vitamin-rich products was severe in this region. The birch soaks crystal clear water from Storsjön's mineral rich soil when the frozen ground melts in the spring. The tree transforms the water into sap, which can be harvested, and enjoyed as a beverage.


Our own take on Glühwein

During springtime when the ground melts, carefully selected birch trees are harvested of their sap, which is then slowly fermented to birch wine according to an original recipe from 1785.