Sav Glöd Non-alcoholic

Slightly spicy, fresh taste of sweet citrus, cardamom, clove and a hint of cinnamon. Served hot or cold as aperitif or to deserts, or as a complement in a cocktail.

Color: Clear, slightly citrine.

Scent: Cardamom, sun-ripened citrus fruits and sweet honey, with a hint of nutmeg and citrus zest.

Flavor: Sweet citrus, light and nice structure of cardamom carefully balanced with the sweetness of honey and fresh citrus.

Best served: As an aperitif or together with friends. Enjoy either freezing cold or smoking hot.

Perfectly paired with: Served with some cheese or deserts with dark chocolate.


Sav BirchThe northern way to make Glöd

A vitamin rich sap

Birch sap has been harvested since ancient times in our arctic areas and used as an important nutritional supplement during early spring when the lack of vitamin-rich products was severe in this region. The birch soaks crystal clear water from Storsjön's mineral rich soil when the frozen ground melts in the spring. The tree transforms the water into sap, which can be harvested, and enjoyed as a beverage.


SM-Silver 2021

Sav Glöd Non-alcoholic won a silver medal in the Swedish artisan food Championships 2021 with the motivation: "A surprising mulled wine with a finely tuned taste and aroma profile. It is easy to drink and clear as a mountain stream."