Sav Fjällrosé

Art nr 3926601

A nuanced and elegant still wine with a fresh fruity flavour which is dominated by blackcurrant, red grapefruit and sweet almond. Hints of birch sap and vanilla. Served at 8-10°C as a drink in good company or together with food such as asparagus, salads and fish and chicken dishes.

Alcohol content: 11,5%

Color: Light pink.

Scent: Herbal, fresh and slightly fruity scent with some white currants, sweet almonds and white flowers.

Flavor: Fresh fruity flavour dominated by currants, red grapefruit and sweet almond with hints of birch sap and vanilla.

Perfectly paired with: A drink to enjoy in the summer or in good company. Goes well together with asparagus, salads and fish and chicken dishes. Also for desserts which have berries or fruit.

Serving temperature: 8-10°C. 

Sav BirchThe northern way to make wine

A vitamin rich sap

Birch sap has been harvested since ancient times in our arctic areas and used as an important nutritional supplement during early spring when the lack of vitamin-rich products was severe in this region. The birch soaks crystal clear water from Storsjön's mineral rich soil when the frozen ground melts in the spring. The tree transforms the water into sap, which can be harvested, and enjoyed as a beverage.


Silva Donum

The birch sap is tapped from well selected birches in forests near the mountains in Jämtland, which is then slowly fermented into birch wine according to a recipe from 1785. Sav Fjällvin is a gift of the forest, or as it is called in latin: Silva Donum.