Who we are

We have always been fascinated by the idea of ​​trying to develop systems where the distance between sunlight and use or function is short and unconstrained. Such systems or products usually create effective, sustainable and dynamic conditions for minimal health and environmental impact if used properly, Sav™ is part of such a system. Sav™ is in many ways a unique winery - but also so much more than that. It is the ambassador of northern spring and reflects the soul of the north.

About Savhuset

Savhuset is located in the heart of Sweden, in the beautiful city of Östersund. Our products are inspired by the nature around us and the beauty of the northern life.

The soul of our products is the birch sap, a commodity that has been used since ancient times in our Arctic areas as an important nutritional supplement. The birch sap is always harvested in the spring when we need to replenish our vitamins after a long and dark winter.

50 km around Storsjön

Our birch sap is harvested from birch trees growing up to 5 km from Storsjön. Here the birch grows wonderfully, and the mineral rich soil helps the sap to be produced and create the beneficial nutrition’s and vitamins.

The deep forests of Jämtland

We find our inspiration in the forests, here in Jämtland the forest is close at hand. Its very important for us to take care of the forests in which we operate. Our methods mean that we never damage the trees when we harvest birch sap.

Our history

The Swedish chemical engineer and researcher Gunnar Jegrelius built an amazing archive for thirty years. He collected research reports, dissertations, essays, manuscripts, newspaper articles and books from the years 1700 to 1981 on more than 200,000 chemical substances and their impact on people and the environment.

The archive fell into oblivion and was eventually moved to Östersund where eco-engineer Peter Mosten was commissioned to compile an index of the archive in order to facilitate research. During the work, Mosten found a recipe written from a Swedish book printed in 1785, the recipe that today forms the basis for all our products.

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This is us

Behind Savhuset there is a wonderful collection of people, who work to produce and deliver our products.

Our heart beats extra when we see an email from our customers, or when the phone rings. If you have any inquiries, you are always welcome to contact us.

Peter Mosten

Peter Mosten

Founder & Head of Production and Marketing

As an eco-engineer, Peter was given the task of compiling an index of Jegrelius's research archive, what he didn’t know was that among all these 8 million documents there was a recipe for a sparkling wine on birch sap that would change his life. Peter is a true visionary and is driven by the development of all our products.

Favorite product: Sav™ Sparkling

Andreas Richter

Andreas Richter

Production & Development

Andreas is the winemaker who has been involved in Sav™ from the beginning and is involved in everything we develop. He is a true joy spreader who loves wine, he is a member of the society “munskänkarna” and he always has new ideas and concepts for Sav™.

Favorite product: Sav Glöd®

Andit Tesfamical

Andit Tesfamical

Production & Logistics

Andit whom has immigrated all the way from Eritrea to Östersund is a fantastic employee who always comes to work with a smile! He is a star when it comes to production & logistics, he has an eye for order and nobody drives a pallet truck better then him.

Favorite product: Sav Glöd®

Ebba Silversnö

Ebba Silversnö

Marketing Assistant & Social Media

Ebba has a sharp eye for shape and color. With her thoroughness and care for details, she creates eye-catching and engaging material for marketing and social media. Her creativity contributes to a lively and new thinking trademark.

Favorite product: Sav™ Fjällvin




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