Saluhallens Sav Sour

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Date : 2020

Here you have the favorite of the favorites, a classic sour with snaps made on Sav. A drink that is luxurious in all its simplicity.

You need:

3cl Sav™ Snaps
3cl Claim from Brännlandscider
One lime
One egg
Cocktail shaker 
Butter fried sage for garnish

Do as followed:

1. Mix Sav™Snaps, Claim and juice from one lime into the shaker.
2. Open the egg and separate the egg white into the shaker.
3. Shake the shaker vigorously without ice
4. Add ice and shake the shaker until it feels cold
5. Place ice in a glass and pour over the drink
6. Garnish with butter fried sage or fresh mint

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