The Birch

The birch is often known as the ”Lady of the Woods”, and signifies new beginnings an association springing from the fact it it the first tree to grow back after a forest has been burned. The birch also sheds its bark, which suggests further links to renewal, as the old and worn-out is released to make way for the new.

Lemonade on ice

  Fresh summer drink in its simplicity    

Saluhallens Sav Sour

Here you have the favorite of the favorites, a classic sour with snaps made on Sav. A drink that is luxurious in all its simplicity.

Sav o Tonic

Are you a big fan of Gin o Tonic? Then you just have to experience Sav™Snaps & Tonic, a really smooth combo. Make sure both the snaps and the tonic are properly chilled for a real crisp drink.

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