Sav™ Sparkling

Article number 301 03

Price: 332 kr
Region: Jämtland, Sverige
Volume: 750 ml
Type: Sparkling Birch Sap Wine
Alcohol: 12,5%

Colour: Clear, crystal-bright, yellow colour
Scent: Clean, fresh scent of citrus, almonds, bread and a pleasing tone of birch sap with a pleasant and subtle aroma of apple and grapefruit.
Taste: Pure taste of citrus, nuts and a hint of sourdough bread. Long, balanced aftertaste of forest, nuts, fungus, herbs and apples.
Serve To: Best served with aromatic cheeses, sushi, lightly smoked fish, smoked game, oysters, caviar, foie gras or dark chocolate.
Serving temperature: 8-10ºC

Other: Sav™ Sparkling is an exclusive beverage that exudes simplicity. Sav™ Sparkling is produced according to the "méthode traditionelle" and a bottle is available for purchase after the liquid inside has fermented for one year in order to create the pleasant bubbles.
Birch sap has in ancient times in our arctic regions been used as an important nutritional supplement during late winter and spring, when the lack of vitamin-rich products made living difficult in this region.
Birches soaks the crystal clear water of the mineral-rich lake Storsjön – the Great Lake. When the frost disappears from the ground in the spring, the tree transforms the liquid into the sap, which can be tapped and drunk. Peter Mosten refined it into a unique, sparkling drink, after an original recipe from the late 18th century.

Sav™ Snaps

Article number: 300 81

Price: 269 kr
Region: Jämtland, Sverige
Volume: 500 ml
Type: Birch Sap Spirit
Alcohol: 38%

Colour: Clear, pale, nuanced colour with a trace of grassy green and white gold.
Scent Clean and aromatic with hints of juniper berries and vermouth. Elegant, subtle, with a pleasant and soft fragrance.
Taste: Round, clean and fresh with a mild flavour of juniper and vermouth. An undertone of herbs, birch sap, lemon and a very subtle taste of caramel. The aftertaste is long and balanced.
Serve To: Cray fish, pickled herring and smörgåsbord. Sav Snaps also brings a unique flavour when mixed in drinks and cocktails.
Serving Temperature: Chilled.

Other: Birch sap has since ancient times been used and cultivated in the Arctics as an important nutritional support during late winters and spring when there was a lack of vitamin-rich food in the region.
The birch soaks up crystal-clear water as the frost withdraws from the mineral-rich ground, in the area around the Lake Storsjön. The trees transform the liquid into sap.
Sav™ Snaps is a further development of Sav™ Sparkling - the Sparkling Birch Wine. Following an old recipe he found in an archive from the 1700s, Peter Mosten harvests the spring sap from specifically selected birch trees. The sap is tapped and refined into snaps.

Sav™ from Jämtland forests of Sweden

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